Client portal for you, your residents, and your partners

The real estate client portal is an exclusive website that connects real estate managers and residents in a safe and secure way. It is neatly integrated with the Dynamics Estate software.

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Every data from the client portal is stored in Dynamics Estate.

Security and data access by user roles. For example, only property owners can see apartment details.

Licenses for client portal users are not required.

Account management is implemented by the integration with ADFS and other authentication providers.

The portal has a standalone API that is used by front-end and hardware devices installed in buildings.


Main page in real estate client portal

Main Page

All data on the portal are displayed in user and cooperative contexts. The Main Page contains two sections where context data and events are shown in relation to the user that is currently logged in to the portal.

Buildings info in real estate client portal


This page shows all building data related to the current cooperative.

Spaces in real estate client portal


This page shows spaces related to the cooperative in table view mode.

Cases in real estate client portal


The real estate portal allows to create incidents. You can attach and manage attached documents to the case. Real-time chat linked to the case with notifications to Property Systems software users about new chat messages (same chat available on software case form).

Reports in real estate client portal


Client portal shows the same reports from Property Systems software, applying security limitations to data displayed. Also, users can download reports in PDF format.

Service Providers in real estate client portal

Service Providers

This page shows a service provider with his contact data related to a specific cooperative. This list of providers is built dynamically based on Property Systems data.

Reservations in real estate client portal


Portal reservation functionality is based on the Property Systems service calendar and resource reservation functionality. The correspondent parameters (working hours, holidays, and breaks) can be easily configured from the Property Systems’ side. Common use cases are booking appointments or in-building services like tennis and others.

Knowledge base in real estate client portal

Knowledge Base

What, where, and how the client portal operates. Includes categorized knowledge base about cooperative, standards, best practices, schedules, etc.



Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Our property portal will support any of your devices + won't take any storage space.

Interact with the Dynamics Estate functionality to understand how it works.


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