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Property information

View and edit information about land, location, ownership, official registry information and parameters, and current renters and their contracts.
View and edit information about the building, location, ownership, parameters, and technical details as well as providers of different services associated with the building.
buildings.png buildings2.png
View and edit information about commercial and living spaces, technical details, ownership, physical and legal parameters, associated documents, etc.
spaces.png spaces2.png
Manage groups of spaces, buildings, or other property information. Property units are usually grouped to simplify service delivery, renting, and other operations on property units.
groups.png groups-2.png
Manage devices and other technical elements of buildings involved in automatic data collection or other operations. All meters are included here. For simplicity, water and electricity meters are added to a separate menu.
In case of the possibility of automatic data collection, meter readings data are imported automatically. In addition, there is a possibility to enter this data manually to the system or receive from the owner via the portal or special floor devices installed in the building.
Electric meters
Manage electricity meters, their location, and their association with cooperatives, buildings, and spaces.
electric-meters.png electric-meters2.png
Water meters
Manage water meters, their location, and their association with cooperatives, buildings, and spaces.
water-meters.png water-meters2.png
IFC Elements
Constructional elements of buildings automatically integrated from IFC format.
ifc.png ifc2.png
Meters View
View to manage meter readings data. Meter readings can be uploaded automatically from the data provider or can be entered manually using a simple view to add them as a mass.
electric-meters.png electric-meters2.png

Party information

Personal details of owners, residents, or employees of suppliers and other organizations. All persons involved in company operations are stored here with contact information, names, bank account details, and other relevant information. The system allows you to view and manage all personal connections like space ownership, place of living, contracts, cases, etc.
A subset of the Persons list that is filtered by the fact that they are an employee in a company using CRM system.
All business entities involved in operations with the current company. Contact details, industry, associated documents, contracts, orders, invoices, etc.
Companies that represent owners of spaces (typically within one building) and are authorized to act on behalf of apartment/space owners.
Maintenance companies
Companies that provide maintenance services to cooperatives and buildings.
Cleaning companies
Companies that provide cleaning services in connection with contracts and cooperatives they are involved in.
Locking companies
Companies that provide key management services in connection with contracts and cooperatives they are involved in.
Insurance companies
Companies that provide insurance services in connection with contracts and cooperatives they are involved in.
Financial institutions
Companies that provide financial services in connection with contracts and cooperatives they are involved in.
Companies with whom the current company has/had contracts to deliver services or goods.

Contract management

Share register
Official spaces ownership register.
Space lists
Listings of spaces of different types (apartments, parking lots, storage rooms, meeting rooms, saunas, etc.) per cooperative/building.
Space-List.png Space-List-(1).png
Rent contracts
Contracts between the owner of the space/space group and resident about the rent of the space.
Rent-Contract.png Rent-Contract-(1).png Rent-Contract-(2).png
Liability contracts
Contracts between several parties where one party is responsible for some parts of work or properties and sets the limits of such responsibility.
Liability-Contract.png Liability-Contract-(1).png
Insurance contracts
Contracts between an insurance company and insurable about insurance reward and responsibilities.
Loan Contracts
Contracts between the bank and cooperative/space owners about loan and conditions. Usually used to make big renovations when all owners are involved.
Loan-Contract.png Loan-Contract-(1).png
Maintenance contracts
Contracts between the maintenance company and cooperative to deliver different services according to the maintenance plan.
Maintenance-Contract.png Maintenance-Contract-(1).png
Space ownership contracts
Ownership contracts where persons or business entities are identified as owners of specific buildings, spaces, space groups, etc. with ownership percentage and other relevant information.

Product management

Sales contracts
Contracts between old and new owners about transferring ownership rights from one set of owners to another.
Products and services that are subject to all business operations in the system such as contracting, invoicing, purchasing, etc.
Sales catalogues
Sales catalogues of different business entities like manufacturer/supplier catalogues and current company sales catalogues.
Sales-Catalogue Sales-Catalogue-(1).png
Sales products
A generalized list of all sales products from all vendors.
Functional products
Normalized list of products. Each item can be represented under different names in different supplier catalogues. This listing contains a normalized list or at least attempt to build such
Functional Products.png
Purchase products
Linkage between sales products and purchasing module.
Purchase Products.png

Process management

Cases registered by owners or residents via the portal, phone call, or e-mail. Contain all the functionality required to manage requests:
  • Run and manage resolution processes with the involvement of external parties and customers (due dates, orders of execution, and involvement) based on predefined user templates
  • Manage documents associated with the case and exchange documents with customers and suppliers via the portal
  • Categorize cases and work with knowledge base articles (internal and external)
Renovation requests
Requests from owners or residents about renovation approval. Allows to exchange documents and other details with the customer to review renovation plan and if it complies with the regulations currently in place.
Renovation Requests.png
Cooperative closing
The process of transferring cooperative/building to another property management company or (in the best scenario) lending it to your property management company.
Maintenance plan
List of works and their schedule that should be executed according to the maintenance contract. Includes logic for planning and responsible persons/subcontractors to execute.
Purchase orders
Registry of purchase orders to suppliers.
Purchase Orders.png
Key orders
Key order requests for key duplicates. In some countries, keys are strictly regulated, and only certified companies can produce key copies.
Service calendar
Calendar of all service activities including:
  • Schedule of maintenance works
  • Services and general room reservations
  • Schedule for processing customer requests
  • Cooperative meetings (board member meetings, voluntary activities, etc.)
Tool for data migration from other systems. Allows to migrate cooperatives, buildings, spaces, contracts, devices, and other relevant data in a quick and reliable way from legacy systems.
My View
Allows to see user planned and current activities, cases, and processes the user is responsible for.
My Views.png

Reporting management

Report module contains more than 50 reports that allow viewing data in different dimensions.
Cooperative report
Very detailed report about space information and details. Is used on property sale/purchase to get all information related to the space.
Contains information about:
  • Space technical data
  • Space ownership data
  • Cooperative information
  • Building information
  • Lot information
  • Maintenance contracts and services
  • Monthly billing obligations
  • Balance of invoices/payments
  • Loan contracts and debts
  • Meters and current readings
  • Subspaces if applicable (parking lot, storage area, etc.)
Share Register Report
Information about cooperative spaces and shares associated with each space as well as owner’s details.
Vote Register Report
Information about cooperative spaces and vote numbers associated with each space as well as owner’s details.
Balance Report
Information about space payment balances, invoices, payments, and total balance per space and contract.
Loan Detailed Report
Loan report contains detailed information about the loan, parties involved, and all operations (withdrawal, percentage allocation, property square meters under debt, amount left, etc.)
Profit Statement Report
Financial statement report that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specific period of time.
Balance Sheet Report
Represents a company’s financial position at the end of a specified date. The balance sheet is a “snapshot” of the company’s financial position at a point (a moment or an instant) in time.
Budget Comparison Report
Provides ability to check ledger chart of accounts budget against actual numbers.
Maintenance Plan Reportt
Provides ability to view planned and actual activities according to the maintenance plan.
Financial statements and annual Report
Report with a variety of financial information required for year closure.
Management Dashboard
Interactive dashboard with graphics and tables about company financial performance. Incomes from different sources and per client/manager.

Communication management

Mass Messaging
Messaging functionality allows to select owners, residents, and other parties within several clicks and communicate with the target group.
Examples of use cases can be:
  • Notify all residents of spaces in a specific building by SMS or e-mail that cold and hot water will be switched off during a specific time frame due to maintenance procedures
  • Notify all owners by official communication (regular mail) about an upcoming cooperative meeting and all issues that should be discussed or voted on during this meeting
  • Publish to all owners and residents on the portal information about an upcoming voluntary meeting to plant flowers near the building
Mass-Messaging-min.png Mass-Messaging-(1)-min.png
View and manage activities like tasks, e-mails, regular mail, SMS, etc.
Send and receive emails, build templates, and track opens and link following.
Email-min.png Email-(1)-min.png
Send urgent SMS notifications
SMS-min.png SMS-(1)-min.png
Following and participating in portal discussions.
Portal Messages
Publish messages on portal
Portal-Messages-min.png Portal-Messages-(1)-min.png
Portal Notifications
Notify portal users about different actions and changes
Communication Group Management
Manage lists of customers grouped by different criteria for marketing/functional communications.
Portal Configurations
Configure portal for different cooperatives/buildings including available menus and functions. Enable portals for new cooperatives

Event management

Schedule and manage appointments
Board Meetings
Schedule and manage board member meetings, sending invitations, managing acceptance of invitations, and tracking attendance and time consumed.
Cooperative Meetings
Schedule and manage cooperative meetings, sending official invitations, managing acceptance of invitations, and tracking participation.
Voluntary Work Meetings
Schedule and manage voluntary work meetings. Discussing ideas, tracking who wants to participate, and assigning a responsible person and preparing.
Recurring Tasks
Managing tasks and activities that should be executed on a regular basis.
Fiscal year events
Events that are associated with fiscal year closur.


Invoicing contracts
Contracts about invoicing logic. How often, on what date, what is the calculation logic, etc.
Sales invoices
Invoices issued for customers. Contain products, amounts, seller/buyer, bank accounts, delivery method, etc.
Sales-Invoices.png Sales-Invoices-(1).png
Group invoices
Invoices that are issued once and should be paid on a periodic basis for simplicity. For example, if some amount should be paid each month, the company can issue one invoice specifying on what dates each month the invoice amount should be paid.
Group-Invoices.png Group-Invoices-(1).png
Incoming invoices
Receiving and processing incoming invoices, including the following logic:
  • Parsing incoming invoice from PDF (e-mail or FTP)
  • Parsing incoming invoice from bank integration
  • Manually inputting incoming invoice
  • Ledgering incoming invoices
  • Approving incoming invoices according to configured procedures
  • Preparing and approving payment batches and sending to bank using integration
  • Receiving feedback from the bank on payment status using integration
Incoming-Invoices.png Incoming-Invoices-(1).png
Payment mapping
  • Manually map incoming/outcoming payments with existing invoices/contracts using advanced search criteria (seller, bank accounts, payment amount, payer, etc.) in case the customer provided wrong/not-complete description to payment and the payment cannot be mapped automatically
  • Ledgering incoming payments
Payment-Mapping.png Payment-Mapping-(1).png
Receiver notifications
Notifications from the bank about new subscriptions to company services.
Receiver-Notifications.png Receiver-Notifications-(1).png
Invoicer notifications
Notifications to customers about changes in services provided
Invoicer-Notifications.png Invoicer-Notifications-(1).png


Ledger Account Book
Main accounting tool with the following functionality
  • Manage chart of ledger accounts
  • Applying ledger account templates
  • Managing starting balances and tracking period balances
  • Adding manual events for corrections and other purposes
  • Managing general accounting settings (periods, running numbers, etc.)
  • Viewing and editing events per ledger account
Daily Book
A register of all events associated with accounting. All events can be ledgered in this view and associated with cost centers.
Vat Report
Iteractive VAT report with selection filters and ability to export
Profit Statement
Interactive version of the Profit Statement Report.
Balance Sheet
Interactive version of the Balance Sheet Report.
Account Statements
Register of all account statements in a hierarchical view. Ability to ledger account statements.

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