Event & Communication Management in Real Estate software

Event & Communication Management in Real Estate software

img Introduction

Event & Communication Management functionality is guaranteed to quickly deliver valuable and emergency information to the tenants via multiple channels within real estate organization of any size and complexity.

img Who will benefit from this functionality and why

Tenants will always receive timely notifications via preferred communication channel (email, paper mail, sms, Customer Portal) regarding to all the variety of status changes, updates and subscriptions which are common for the large property organization.

Property administrators will be able to deliver important information to all the tenants exactly when it's needed an via tenants preferred communication channel.

The list of notifications may include the following topics and alerts:

Critical alerts

  • ⁃ Security alerts to tenants and security staff

  • ⁃ Alert IT staff of network issues

  • ⁃ Severe weather alerts

  • ⁃ Notify staff or authorities of crisis situations. Utility outage updates etc.

Day-to-day alerts

  • ⁃ Invoicing and payment reminders

  • ⁃ Quarterly newsletters and reports

  • ⁃ Coordinate with maintenance staff, inspections (batteries, air filters)

  • ⁃ Conference with stakeholders

  • ⁃ Employee communications and updates

  • ⁃ Office closures

  • ⁃ Event notifications and updates

  • ⁃ Improve customer loyalty

Other communication channels might be developed upon request.



img Why it’s important for real estate business

The real business value of Event and Communication management functionality lies in ability to manage all the information flows between multiple functional departments of real estate organization and multiple groups of tenants, who relies on receiving valuable and constant information updates.

Effective communication management tool is critical for effective, smooth and predictable real estate management process

img What happens without this functionality

For example, if you have a couple of hundred tenants and a single building, you probably can manage all the maintenance and everyday information updates with a single dedicated specialist and simple software. But if you have more than ten thousand of tenants, dozens of buildings and an army of maintenance subcontractors, than you really need a powerful functionality not to drown in the chaos of letters and status updates.

Inability to coordinate real estate management processes with effective information updates create constant situations of confusion, delays and overlaps in all kinds of operations. These problems can cause a decrease in the satisfaction of tenants with the quality of real estate management services.

img Let's look at Event and Communications management process from property administrator perspective

Let’s start from communication messages. We can open communication messages list right from XRM menu. Communication messages can be as independent ones, or as related to some Event. Take a look how to create independent communication message.

Click XRM menu button

Independent Communication Messages

Click button “New” on the top of page to create new communication message. After record saved, we should define event type (product) and then can view possible recipients of messages. List of selectable recipients depends on person’s role to cooperative and choose event type (Product). Also we can choose needed sending method here.

Click button “New” at the ribbon to create new message. Fill requirement fields (+event type) and click “Save”. The section (Role Selection) for recipients’ selection will be appeared.

Now we can choose recipients for messaging. It bases on connections of person to cooperative Tick needed buildings, spaces, roles and after refreshing recipients section the list of recipients will be shown.

Tick needed buildings, spaces and roles, click button Refresh. Contact information of person who had connections with defined roles will be used for sending messages.

We can add documents that will be attach to message, edit or delete added document before messages will be sent.

When message is ready for sending click “Distribute” button at the ribbon. The emails or other defined messages will be sent, status reason of communication message will be changed to “Distributed”. Editing of communication message is impossible now.

Click “Distribute” button.

If the tick “Yes” was set for communication message in field Portal Message, the message will be shown in the Portal for recipients of message. We’ll return to Portal part later.

Event Information and related Communication messages

Now I will show you how to create Event with further message sending. We should choose Appointments in Event Management section of XRM menu to open appointments list. Click button “New” to create new Event.

Open Event Management section of XRM menu. Click button “New”.

Fill all requirement and needed fields on the Event form. We can define location and planning time for start and end of event, enter description of Event, add documents as on communication message here. All this information will be shared with recipients of message.

Fill fields.

After the all event information is filled we can create Communication Message for sharing Event information with recipients. Click on respective button at the top of screen. The new communication message will be created, corresponding information from Event will appear on corresponding fields.

Click button “Create communication messages”

If documents were attached to Event we can choose which of them should be added to communication message.

Choose documents.

So we can edit opened communication message - information about Event, list of recipients, attached documents etc. After finished we can share message with recipients by clicking the “Distribute” button as in independent communication message. Notice, if there is related to Communication Message Event its link will be shown in field “Event Information”.

Portal part of Event Management

Event Management functionality is partially available in the Portal. Board members of cooperative can view list of distributed events (with portal attribute), view its detailed information, open attached documents. Also we can view and create communication messages right in the Portal.

Show Portal Events functionality.

Distributed communication message cannot been edited. But it is possible to change list of documents and description for related to Events Communication Messages in the Portal. For this we should open Event, change description or/and documents and click button “Update Portal Event”. Choose what should be changed and confirm. Portal message will be update.

img Conclusion

Let us to teach you how to effectively manage communications with your tenants.

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